Friday, August 19, 2011

Abyssea questing is a bore

Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been relatively boring lately as always. Been questing in FFXI and totally slacking on drawings. However, after doing some quests Abyssea - Altepa, I finally did stumble upon something worthy of a post.

After completing the quest "Brygid the Stylist Strikes Back" you receive some panties a stearc subligar as a reward, which can have refresh +1 and some hMP+ if you're lucky. Amazing idle piece if you can stand idling in the things; at least most mage armor has coat-tails and such...

And since it's all jobs, you can look silly anytime!
Yeah, I'm lucky. hMP could have better though.. You jelly?
It's also slightly depressing how well it goes with Thief AF3 Armor.
 Look, ma! No pants again!
 SUBLIGAAAAAAR REFRESH. You sick, sick people SE. /em stabs eyes out.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Arch Dynamis Lord and Xarcabard Shenanigans

So the linkshell I'm in now made our first attempt at Arch Dynamis Lord not too long ago. Here's how we did:
And then we died laughing like a bunch of idiots.
It didn't really help that the strategy we were using seemed quite flawed. It called for summoners to use Perfect Defense at the beginning of the fight, which wore off at around 60%. Very shortly after it wore, he spawned two clones which both used some terrible TP moves immediately, smashing our faces in, resulting in the screenshot above. Could have used Perfect Defense for that! We'll get you next time!

Regular Dynamis Lord after was stingy but regular mobs weren't. Towards the end of our time, some gloves dropped that I've been wanting that no one else needed!
Just because no one else wanted, didn't keep them from fake lotting then passing.
But of course I was an idiot and only had one inventory slot, which got filled up by a Shrouded Bijou no more than a minute before the gloves dropped. I raged not because of the lost drop, there will be plenty more in the future, but because of my sheer stupidity.
I tossed junk I should have earlier in a moment of rage.
Feel totally free to laugh at my misfortune.