Thursday, June 30, 2011

Borderlands and Recettear 75% off? What a damn steal.

Alternate Title: Steam, you so crazy! (Day 1)

Quick introduction before the page break regarding these two games. If you read my last entry and are reading this entry you're probably figuring "I can just check Steam for the daily deals, why check here? Are you just trying to promote them or some crap?" Yeah sure, you can check, but basically I'm just using this as an outlet and inspiration for what I should talk about. And sure, I am somewhat promoting Steam but it's only because I love them for making some games more affordable, if only for a day or two.

As for today's deals, I'd like to focus on Borderlands and Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale!

Side note/Disclaimer: For now I'll just be doing short summary/reviews with pictures for the games I'm pointing out. Do be sure to actually go to the steam webpage if you're looking for certain games, 'cause there's plenty more that I'm NOT mentioning in my posts!

Steam Summer Sale!

Want great games but don't want to pay full price for them? This is one of the reasons I love and hate Steam at the same time. I love it because who DOESN'T like paying less money and getting deals on games they want. But I hate it for the same very reason; as a woman I find it difficult, though not impossible, to resist these huge deals. I also hate it because it makes me sad when I see a game I bought for a small discount selling for even less than I bought it for. :(

But getting back on topic, from now until July 10th, there will be huge, and I mean huge discounts on bundles and new games on sale each day, like up to 85% kinda sales. Coupled with the daily sales, there will be achievement-like things for entries in a prize drawing at the end of the sales period. The prize? 100 people will win the top 10 games on their wishlist, but you HAVE to have at least 10 on your wishlist to qualify to win, so remember that!

I'm thinking of doing highlights for each day during this period. And by that I mean if I see a game that's awesome, I'll be sure to point it out. (Read: A game I have played/liked) Y'know, be helpful like that.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Team Fortress 2 is free FOREVER

Even though it's been posted all over the internet and blogs I frequent, I still feel obligated to post this. Team Fortress 2 is now free to play. FOREEEEEEEVER.

Even though I already had TF2 and haven't played it in god knows how long, I'm pretty excited about this.  After all, the main reason I haven't played in a long time is not because I don't like the game, I love it in fact, but because I didn't really enjoy it unless I was playing it with a bunch of other good friends. (Read: I suck and don't like playing with random people.) With this, I might actually get back into this game. So thank you for that, Valve. <3 (Though it's 99.9% I won't be buying any hats, too poor.)

And for the few of you who probably haven't seen it, they also released Meet the Medic, which is simply amazing from start to finish.
"You would not BELIEVE... how much this hurts." *Dove coo* "Archimedes??"

 Now if only they'd release Meet the Pyro already...THAT'S the one I really wanna see. Too lazy to look but I think that's the only one they haven't done yet, right? Hope Pyro is just as amazing as the last few have been.

And for you fellow Bronies, incase you haven't seen the wonder that is this picture. The expressions from this screenshot are priceless.
Rainbow Dash, NO! It's filthy in there!
But anyway, back on topic. I'll leave you guys with an open ended question: how do you feel about valve making TF2 free to play?

Edit: I'm scared at how much Punky at Vidya-Stuff and I think alike. But to be fair, he didn't have the Rainbow Dash picture when I checked his blog!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness Review

How often do you see a guy in this position ANGRY?
Disclaimer: I don't plan on giving any games I review any type of score based on different categories and such, but rather just explain elements of the game that I've found interesting, and ultimately recommend playing or not playing it. Though I will group my comments in similar categories. With that out of the way, let's begin the review! (After the page break, lots of pictures and text!)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ben There, Dan That and Time Gentlemen, Please!

I would just like to bring this to everyone's attention, today's deal on steam is this combo pack for only $1.25. This is a complete steal and if you don't get it you're either stupid or even cheaper when it comes to spending money than I am. (Or you're someone who torrented/ripped the game, aka a terrible, terrible person unless you redeem yourself by buying it now!)

A good friend of mine's already done a review on the game, so go take a look over at Vidya-Stuff.

But if you're too lazy to follow that link and look at pictures, the game is a clever, yet simple point and click adventure game with lots of silly commentary, especially when you attempt to use the wrong items with the wrong things at the wrong time. (Items may or may not include urinal cakes.)

I would totally do this.

Funnier than any game in years, and delightfully rude. Point-and-click adventuring done right for a change. 
- PC Gamer 
The sale has already been on for about 11 hours before I noticed this, but still has 13 hours before it's over. (Ends 10am PST) Though I can't deny that it's still worth it at the normal price of $5. And here is the link to the steam store page for those who are as lazy as I am!

Monday, June 20, 2011

I forgot to wear pants

With the flight and being otherwise preoccupied since being back home for the summer, I haven't been playing much of FFXI. But I've realized when I have been playing, playing mage so often makes for terrible action screenshots. I have also realized that FFXI has a lot of.... questionable imagery.

Durinn and friends:
Note the two floating things on Dvergrs.
To pop it you need a STIFFENED TENTACLE.

Events such as Salvage:
How did I forget how to wear pants?
And of course there's Sandworm and tiny worms, but I think you get the point.

If you didn't notice anything wrong in these images, you're probably more innocent than I am. Or the more logical conclusion is that it's not really that wrong unless it's how you want to think about it. In the end, what game DOESN'T have questionable looking monsters and such? But in what other games are we suddenly stripped naked and forget how to wear our clothes, even though they're sitting right in our immediate inventory still?

Friday, June 17, 2011

Robin Williams is Awesome

Well we all know he's awesome for various reasons, but that's beside the point. But even if you don't like his comedy or his acting, you might find him awesome for this commercial:

If you didn't catch it, he actually named his daughter, Zelda Williams, after Princess Zelda. Awesome, no?

Would you name your kid after a game character, if so, which? I don't know which, but I probably would, if only because I'm uncreative when it comes to names. (See: my black cat named Blacky)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Nice to meet you, I'm an assassin!

I'm not dead, I'm just preoccupied. As the fact that I'm posting suggests, the flight went well. I did, however, come uncomfortably close to departure time. Had the security line been any longer at the airport, I would have likely missed my flight. So why have I still been strangely absent? The answer is me. (Sounded like GLaDOS in my head...)

I cannot seem to tear myself away from a game a friend of mine lent/demanded that I play. What's the game? Disgaea. It is so silly and amazing on so many levels.  I don't think I'm anywhere near the end so please keep spoilers out of the comments! Expect one or two follow up posts on this game as I progress!

Quick example of the silliness: Nin nin nin!
I'd warn about spoilers but aside from the fact it's a super minimal spoiler....the game is almost 8 years old. So yeah.

So..... Nice to meet you, I'm an assassin!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Flight are not fun, but totally worth it

Exams went well, and preparations to fly have gone along swimmingly, now just comes the issue of flying from Oregon to New Jersey. And readjusting my sleep schedule to fit the right time zone. Could be worse though, right? And it's totally worth the yummy home made free food and being back at home sweet home!

So once again as filler before I head out to fly on back home, another picture!

 Oh, and props to anyone who manages to recognize this anime character!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Picture filler time!

As I mentioned not too long ago, final exams are creeping up, so sorry for being dead. However, I'd like to fill the emptiness with a drawing I got a kick out of: a goblin with a sombrero wielding a deadly maraca.

El Goblin Mexicano prepara maraca stab?

Isn't he adorable?!