Friday, June 17, 2011

Robin Williams is Awesome

Well we all know he's awesome for various reasons, but that's beside the point. But even if you don't like his comedy or his acting, you might find him awesome for this commercial:

If you didn't catch it, he actually named his daughter, Zelda Williams, after Princess Zelda. Awesome, no?

Would you name your kid after a game character, if so, which? I don't know which, but I probably would, if only because I'm uncreative when it comes to names. (See: my black cat named Blacky)


  1. If I had to, I'd name my daughter Zoey from Left 4 Dead. I have a friend with a dog named Soap from COD :]

  2. Would name my daughter Alys after Alys Brangwin from Phantasy Star 4. Not Alis. Alis is Alis Landale, that's a different PS game. =X

  3. I wanted to get a dog and name him Gordon after Gordon Freeman. If I got a corgi I'd name him Ein like in Cowboy Bebop. I, too, am uncreative.