Saturday, June 25, 2011

Team Fortress 2 is free FOREVER

Even though it's been posted all over the internet and blogs I frequent, I still feel obligated to post this. Team Fortress 2 is now free to play. FOREEEEEEEVER.

Even though I already had TF2 and haven't played it in god knows how long, I'm pretty excited about this.  After all, the main reason I haven't played in a long time is not because I don't like the game, I love it in fact, but because I didn't really enjoy it unless I was playing it with a bunch of other good friends. (Read: I suck and don't like playing with random people.) With this, I might actually get back into this game. So thank you for that, Valve. <3 (Though it's 99.9% I won't be buying any hats, too poor.)

And for the few of you who probably haven't seen it, they also released Meet the Medic, which is simply amazing from start to finish.
"You would not BELIEVE... how much this hurts." *Dove coo* "Archimedes??"

 Now if only they'd release Meet the Pyro already...THAT'S the one I really wanna see. Too lazy to look but I think that's the only one they haven't done yet, right? Hope Pyro is just as amazing as the last few have been.

And for you fellow Bronies, incase you haven't seen the wonder that is this picture. The expressions from this screenshot are priceless.
Rainbow Dash, NO! It's filthy in there!
But anyway, back on topic. I'll leave you guys with an open ended question: how do you feel about valve making TF2 free to play?

Edit: I'm scared at how much Punky at Vidya-Stuff and I think alike. But to be fair, he didn't have the Rainbow Dash picture when I checked his blog!


  1. Valve's making a ton of money off microtransactions anyway. It's just more people getting crates and randomly buying keys and hats. Good business sense for them.

    For me, I don't mind so much. I got a reserve slot and the new chumps are good for my KDR. More people doesn't hurt me at all.

  2. Haha, our posts do pretty much look the same.