Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Let's pop some Land Kings!

This still irks me a bit, going to Behemoth's Dominion and having it completely empty while you pop Behemoth and King Behemoth. Though it does mean you can goof off and have more fun though instead of screaming "[Insert stream of obscenities here], WE DIDN'T CLAIM NID! SPAM CLAIM IF IT GOES YELLOW!!!!!" over voice chat at 2 in the morning.
Uh oh! Synergy Furnace aggro! HANDLE IT!
It's ok! We got this furnace link under control!
When did he start summoning frogs!?
After killing some of these... whatever they are, puppies? We decided to play with an angry dragon!

Some genius Spike Flailed him. Unfortunately no one died.
Despite not particularly liking the old HNMs being forced pops, I have to admit, it's much more fun fighting them when you didn't sit there waiting from 3am-6am waiting for it pop. (Now you just have to wait an hour for your friends to gather!)

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