Friday, September 2, 2011

What are these non-video game...things?

I don't know whether to say it's fortunate or unfortunate that this summer has been busier than usual. I've actually visited... friends *Gasp*. Who knew a gamer could venture out into the unknown real life realm. Only with other gamers of course.

My fellow gamers and I ventured to New York City last weekend to do battle with the almighty Hurricane Irene. The wench was reduced to a measly Tropical Storm by the time we were through with her! She completely weakened our traveling capabilities and limited our touristy options heavily, but what can you do when mother nature is PMSing?
Someone get Mother Nature some tranquilizers, she's feisty this year.
At the very least we played some old fashioned rage-educing board games like Monopoly. Monopoly is depressingly unrealistic now though; you're done when you run out of money you're done. "I landed on boardwalk... eeeehh, I don't feel like selling my own hotels, just put it on my credit." Though at the same time, it's always amusing making bank off of people landing on your houses and hotels while you're stuck in jail.

DO Collect $2,000 for your friend landing on Boardwalk though
I also went bowling for the first time last weekend. My scorecard...board... thing... makes it look like 3 different were bowling as "Rayna". And yes, we did use our game names on the scoreboard. NERRRRRRRRRRRRRRDS. And proud of it.
The final score was "We all suck at bowling without even drinking anything."

Trying to make up for lack of posting, so tomorrow there will be a guest post about finances and savings! Because you need to save money if you want to buy all those awesome video games!


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