Thursday, July 7, 2011

Audio Surf on sale again! (Also how to get the Sunburn Achivement)

Well, not again during this sale, but Audio Surf is constantly going on sale is what I'm getting at. I personally think it's because it's a fun game but I could never bring myself to spend ten bucks on it, but anything less than $2? Sure thing. But anyway, first things first, quick summary of the game, followed by how to get the achievement for the summer sale.

So if you're just interested in the achievement and not the basics of the game, just scroll down to the big bold text.

I'm so good at matching colors.
The object of the game is drive your car on the highway, swerving from lane to lane to collect different colored blocks while listening to some of your favorite songs. Depending on the song, the highway might be full of hills or twists and turns, so no two songs will be exactly the same. There's also a number of different "characters" or modes to play on that add different twists to the same song.

First there's Mono, the most simple mode on each difficulty. Hit colors, avoid grey blocks, profit. Then there's Pointman, where you can pick up blocks and use them later to form groups of 3 or more of the same color to get points and clear them. And finally there's Double Vision, where an extra lane and car is added, but each car can only hit two lanes instead of the normal 3. Don't know why you'd want to bother playing this with a friend, but here's the opportunity. There's more complex "characters" but they're more or less similar to at least one of these.

Well there's not much more to it, except one of the tickets for the summer event for today involve Audio Surf called Sunburn, where you have to paint 21 blocks red. So you have to have all of those blocks turn red. Confused the hell out of me at first, not gonna lie, but it's pretty simple.

How to get the Audio Surf Sunburn Achievement:

You don't have to use a specific song, but I'd suggest picking a slow song to get this or you'll just make this ticket harder to get than it really is. Pick Pointman Pro as your character and get started. Use his ability to pick up and drop colors to AVOID making groups of colors. You're going to want all of your grid to be full with the little danger symbol flashing on them.
Danger! Don't overload the track!
Keep off to the side, being wary of some of the power ups that can appear in the side that you DON'T want. The power up you want to look out for is a red paint one. It's just a red block with what looks like a paint splatter on it- this one will paint all 21 blocks red, thus getting you your achievement. 

Stupid thing was trying to sneak past me.

The reason you want a slow song is not only so it's easier to avoid accidentally getting color groups, but also so you don't go speeding past this one. You'll also want a longer song if possible since sometimes you have to wait a while after you fill up your grid for this to show up.