Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Left 4 Dead fun!

Today Left 4 Dead 1&2 are on sale for 75% off. If you take a quick look at the game, you can automatically tell it's another zombie shooter game. But that doesn't make it any less fun! The games have very similar controls, I WONDER WHY? I digress.

So what's the basic game all about? In both games you play through different maps as a group of 4 survivors. For the most part, you fight through typical boring old zombies that just run at you and fling their arms at you, inflicting piddly amounts of damage. (Though not so piddly when you have a hoarde of them on you.) But among these, there's what we call special infected. And they are special indeed. Each has their own unique.... skill I guess you could say. Skills that make you want to rage hard at times. But that's where the fun comes in of course. Some puke on you, some latch onto you so you can't do anything while others.... just rip your damn face off. You have to make your way through these zombies through buildings, farmland, and such to get from one safe room to the next, finally ending in the "finale" where you fight off large hoardes of zombies while waiting for some sort of rescue.
Each safe room has some silly graffiti to lighten the mood.
But how do you fight 'em off?! Certainly not with your bare hands, right? Especially not the ones that puke on you, ugh. In both games you get to choose from a variety of guns for your primary weapons. In the original game, you only had pistols, which magically have unlimited ammo, as your secondary weapon. Next is a choice of molotov or pipe bomb, both of which are found lying around, all ready to use for just such an occasion! Lucky you! After that you get your standard med kit to heal up wounds. Who knew being thrown into a brick wall, breaking all the bones in your body, could be cured by simply wrapping some medical tape around an arm and leg. This crap is magical. And last but not least, you get to be a pill junkie, finding pills lying around can temporarily boost your health to let you run faster. Left 4 Dead 2 is pretty much the same, but adds a few more options to each of these slots.
Quick, get her some pills, the safe room is right here!
If your health gets depleted, it's not immediately game over, which is a pretty neat concept, but instead one of your teammates can help you back up on your feet. You'll have a lot of temporary health and should use a med kit, but at least you're not dead yet right? If you don't use a med kit and go down again...hey you're still not dead, but when you get picked up again, your screen will be black and white which makes it harder for me to see things personally, and WILL be killed next time your health reaches 0. Three strikes, YOU'RE OUT. But if you're not too close to the end, your friends can help you out of the closet and you'll be back, good as new.
Careful, Elis! I'm Black (and white)!
This game is great for multi-player, able to support up to 8 players in each game. But wait, didn't I say there's only 4 survivors? You know those terrible infected that you hate so much? You get to play as them! And not the boring kind either, you get to puke and attack your friends on the opposite team! Though I highly recommend even amounts of players, at least in the first game.

Despite being a mostly point and shoot zombie game, there's quite a bit of witty dialouge and the game does a great job of giving each character in the game their own personality and humor. As Zoey, a young college girl says to the old Vietnam veteran, "Hey Bill, it's your favorite! Stairs!" Each will have their own lines that they say at different choke points and events in the game, such as alerting a hoard or calling for rescue, which adds quite a bit of humor to the game. And of course, fans make their own humor, for 1 and 2 respectively.

And just found this one today:

And that was longer than expected! Hope it was helpful though?


  1. That new map was pretty horrible. Horribly fun, but still horribly awful. Was a fun, but terrible time trying to get that achievement.

  2. This is one of my favorite games ever!! My mom is pretty obsessed with it too. We're still waiting for Cold Stream for the Xbox.. :/

  3. only part about cold stream that's hard is the waterfall drop that leaves a tank on you. and hopefully, your teammates arent retarded enough to stick around when the horde is attacking the helicopter. also i bought l4d solely for the discount, we should pleh.