Tuesday, July 12, 2011

FFXI Security tokens should dispense Asprins

You know, like one of these old things?
Ok, maybe not the Wario one. Creepy.

Why? The 4 1/2 hour emergency maintenance on FFXI was extended another 3 hours. The extension isn't what is so frustrating, it's nothing new for SE. I just wish that they'd just preempt their screw-ups and scratch the whole day off for maintenance. All these stupid extensions and spaghetti code crap makes me want to bang my head against the wall. Maybe I could find a helmet in the garage so I don't hurt myself. Sure I might look stupid, but who cares.

But you know what's really stupid? Not wearing a helmet one when you ACTUALLY really need one. Earlier this month, during a protest against helmet laws in upstate New York, one of the motorcyclists crashed and died. And not one of those racing crashes where a helmet wouldn't have saved you from the burning wreckage. The man's motorcycle spun out of control and he toppled over the handlebars of his bike.

Police say Contos would have likely survived if he was wearing a helmet.
But at least the man died supporting what he believed in. R.I.P. Phillip Contos.
While I find this terrible and deliciously ironic at the same time while thinking "He had it comin'", I still respect his decision to not wear one. Even though I think him and the other people in this protest are idiots for not wearing motorcycle helmets, I agree with their message. You should wear helmets but if someone wants to be a flaming idiot while riding, let him! (Assuming it's only going to put themselves in danger.) Let nature do its worse.

Obviously helmets aren't going to save you from everything under the sun. But hey, It's cooler to be alive then dead, right?


  1. I was looking up ffxi, cause i just got back into the game, and found your blog. this is pretty cool =)

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