Saturday, July 2, 2011

Steam redeemed itself after yesterdays lame sales with today's deals!

This post will be relatively shorter; it's 4th of July Weekend and as such, my brother, his crazy wife, and adorable 1 1/2 year old visited. There was a bit of drama, but surprisingly not from the source I expected it from. Since this isn't my livejournal so I won't derail with this story, but basically keep this in mind and please understand that the reviews may be more lackluster than past/future commentary. But all the same, please do check them out, as Steam has some amazing games on sale today which are normally cheap, and now ludicrously cheap.

Also forgive lack of photos, usually I take screenshots of the games I've played the day of the blog post, but this won't be happening before the sale is over. Sorry for this, but there's still plenty of screenshots displayed on Steam where you would be buying it from anyway. One of which will be displayed for each game in the post.

So let's get too it, games you should definitely check out that are on sale are Super Meat Boy, Plants vs. Zombies, and Magicka. I've also heard good things about many of the other games on sale, but these are ones I've played personally and can vouch for.

Plants VS. Zombies

One of the most cute, original, and unique strategy games that are fun for the whole family! Just by the name this would seem like a very silly game, and guess what? You're absolutely right. You are to stop a zombie invasion with only an arsenal of fighting plants with a variety of different characteristics. Some will hold the defense with a lot of health like the walnut, while others are invaluable support needed to lead you to success like the Sunflower. And of course there's lots of attackers with different characteristics to utilize in combat. 

But you can only select a certain amount of plant types you can plant before the battle starts, so choose wisely!
I wish I could say more on this but it has been ages since I've played and beat it. And don't have it installed in this computer to reference back to it quickly. But overall it's a very fun game with a cute twist to the whole zombie apocalypse thing, which is very unique. For only 3.39, it's unlikely that you'll regret buying the game.. and if you think you will, there IS a demo available.


Just like Plants vs. Zombies, this game is only 3.39 for the day. And just like the Borderlands deal, it applies to the four pack and the DLCs. Now I haven't finished this game or invested a huge amount of time, but playing with friends has proven hours of fun without even getting anything done. It's even an action role-playing game like Borderlands! But it's entirely different. You all play as magicians with the ability to cast different spells and wield different weapons and staves for different effects. Such as the ability to summon the most annoying damn bugs on the face of the earth that, if left behind, will buzz for the entire damn map. While you can melee and summon random things with staves, the main point of the game is the combination of magics. There's 8 basic elements that, when combined in different ways, can create ice shields to deadly steam bombs, or special spells learned through finding books in obscure places.
Nothing can get through here! Except maybe a fire beam.
What makes this game especially fun though is the multiplayer. I've personally found single player mode terribly boring. Accidental, or more often, non-accident killing of a teammate(s) can be just downright hilarious. Unless of course your friends are stuck up a-holes who hate fooling around. But why would you be playing ANY multiplayer game with a person like that, right? So basically my suggestion to you is definitely get it if friends already have it, if you have no friends interested in the game, don't bother. Unless you're not like me and don't mind playing with random people and hoping they have a sense of humor.

Super Meat Boy

Despite the simplistic art and ridiculousness of the game itself, Super Meat Boy is a VERY tough platformer indie game. The plot line is silly and simple, your arch nemesis that kidnapped your girlfriend is an evil fetus in a jar. And he's wearing a Tux. And a top hat and monocle. Freakin' classy right?

 The game is simple, there's no equipment or anything. If you meet certain criteria you'll be able to choose different cameo characters to play as instead of Meat Boy, who are in someway unique. Though for the most part, Meat Boy will always be your best bet in a given level. That being said though, you often have to have lightning sharp reflexes to unlock extras and pretty damn good reflexes for the normal levels too.The only downside is this game is very difficult and hurts your hands a lot if you don't have a controller. (Like my Jewbitch self.)

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  1. I can personally say all 3 of those are great games, and everyone should check them out. Super Meat Boy has ALL MY RAGE. PvZ is fun. Magicka is fun, but can be rage-inducing/more fun if playing with trolls.