Monday, July 4, 2011

Decent sales today, but nothing TOO amazing

Alright, so I'll make this quick since it's been a lazy 4th of July and such.

On today's list the only game that I have is Fallout: New Vegas. Once again, this is an action role-playing game. While it's pretty fun, I haven't played it all that much personally. I have difficulty with games that are kind of open ended because I'm super indecisive, but if you're one of those people who like their video games that leave a lot of choices up to you, then this would surely be a fun game for you.

I also remember playing the R.U.S.E. BETA. Now I don't know how much was changed from the beta, but the game was pretty interesting and fun playing online with friends. It might be worth a shot if you're a fan of real-time based strategy games.


  1. I hear lots of good stuff about Fallout: New Vegas, but I couldn't get into Fallout 3 myself, so I never gave Vegas a shot.

  2. Yeah, my problem with the multiple ending games is that I want to see them all... I always end up going to YouTube to see the endings I didn't get.