Monday, July 11, 2011

Picture Summary of FFXI's July 12 Update

Well, pictures with commentary, so sue me.

First they fixed old things.
Summary of "Resolved Issues"
The second check mark was spurred by the final note on the list,  "The issue wherein using magic directly after resisting a status ailment caused the word "Resist!" to display at the beginning of the magic casting message." This had been there so long, I thought it was weird, but intended. Unless I'm reading this wrong.

Changed things to make more sense.
Self Explanatory for White and Black Mages of Abyssea.
Including a new Key Item category JUST for Abyssea. Finally. Also includes changes to various JA, specifically the distances on Collaborator and Accomplice. Now you don't have to be IN the mage zone to steal their hate! IT FINALLY MAKES SENSE.

Added new things. (For better or worse...)
Should erase the LS if it's Welfare though
A command that lets you yell through all the areas of Jeuno. Yay. And other stuff. Like another Sam JA. How long is their JA list now?

And finally broke some more things.
Don't hate on my poorly doodled ghostie.
And that's why an emergency maintenance happened. I will not feel sorry if people who abused this to kill a bunch of Havana or other undead NMs manage to get banned.

Oh, and here's the actual version update notes: July 11th Update.
And some DAT mining which includes a very...interestingly colored Flan: Wild Dragon Chase

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