Saturday, July 9, 2011

Babies are tiring

Fact. Even when they're not yours. Though they ARE surely 100 times cuter when they're not yours, so it's alright. But since babies aren't video games, unless you're playing The Sims or something, let's get back to business.

Yesterday's Steam daily deals were kind of meh. Didn't have any of the games and there wasn't anything all that special that I can remember over today. Oh, there was Mass Effect that I've heard awesome things about, but once again can't really do a review on a game I don't have, so yeah. Though today's sale was much better.

There are quite a few games on here that I don't have but, once again if I could pull money out of thin air. I'd probably be playing Sam & Max, another point and click adventure game with lots of comedy. Maybe Neverwinter Nights 2, kinda like D&D which I've always wanted to try out but not brave enough to express it outside the internet. Might consider Duke Nukem because, well, it's Duke Nukem, and Terraria just because some of my friends are and tell me I should. Read: Duke Nukem and Terraria so I can be part of the cool kids club.

Only game I have that's on the sale today is Portal 2, which I've already done a review on here. But to recap: It's a fun game, you should totally buy it while it's half off. Single player and Co-op mode are both amazing. And it has an achievement ticket for today. I haven't done it yet due to energy sucking baby, but here's a video of someone else showing how to get the Talent Show achievement:

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