Sunday, July 31, 2011

Not dead! (yet)

Disappeared for a while because I was visiting a friend. (I went outside my house, shocker!)

Just a quick update to say I'm not dead, thankfully.  I wish a few specific Greyhound Bus drivers were for completely missing the bus stop I was at not once, but twice and ruining my nice trip home. And according to other people that were at the stop, this isn't the first time it happened at the stop either. Apparently drivers just have a tendency to skip the stop. I only arrived home about 3 hours later than expected, but only because of my friend who was visiting bringing me to a main greyhound station where I could actually GET a bus headed home. Long story short, some bus drivers need to go die in a fire, Greyhound is getting an angry letter, and I am likely to never even consider Greyhound again. (Unless it's a short distance between two major cities with no transfers.)

But anyway, regularish updates will come again soon.

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