Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Adventurer Appreciation 2011!

It's that time of year again in FFXI! The Adventurer Appreciation Campaign is on, where you can get a new Anniversary Ring, called Novennial Rings this year, and a spiffy new outfit.

The female clothing would be so much prettier if the boots weren't so... ugly. I'd grab a screenshot of the guy armor, but the only male characters I ever see wearing it are Galkas... and who wants a screenshot of that. *Shudders*

And I thought DNC was bad. Now I look like a cocktail waitress.

And with this you get to take on a stupid mini quest that has you running all over Vana'diel to harvest, mine, and log for Key Items. SE sure loves this crap, don't they. But hey, you get free money (100 gil to 10,000) every 3 days, 9 times. At least we have free city warps with Kupowers for this.

The rings are so lackluster now. Since last year, EXP has gotten OVER NINETHOUSAND (had to be done) times easier. Don't get me wrong though, still happy to use it to get jobs to 30 quicker to leech Abyssea parties!

Last year this was gone in 2 days max. Think I got this last week.

And since with each Adventurer Appreciation campaign comes with Moogles to tell you some of your statistics... here's mine!

I talk and die a lot. I wonder if the two are connected...


  1. ff XI was one of the first mmo's i played, you gonna play FF 14 when its out?

  2. I don't really plan on it. Too much work put into this one to start a new one. :(

  3. XIV is mediocre. FFXI is just what I'm looking for. And I need to get around to getting my account reactivated.