Tuesday, May 10, 2011

And what do I do after the update?

With all the new things to play with: Voidwatch, revamped Dynamis, Synergy, and even a new fishing system what did I do once the servers were back up?

I camped Simurgh. I hate running slow on Thief without flee that much. Now I was going to take a screenshot of these adventures, but I forgot so I took literally 5 minutes to draw the course of action and take a picture cause I'm a broke as hell and don't have a scanner.

Craptastic art! Though I still love the bottom line regardless of how long it took. <3

Each and every time I'm on RDM, I love fast cast more and more. Nearly as much as I love stoneskin; I sat as the overgrown bird pecked my face in while my PUP friend engaged the beast and THF friend used Nexus Cape to save the day with TH. Of course the adventure ended in no boots. Stingy motherf-

However, we did adventure a bit into new Dynamis - Xarcabard and I have to say, it's pretty interesting and I like it so far. The concepts behind it are the same, it seems like the same statues give time extensions and, while they do respawn, it also seems you can only get the extension off it once...which is actually makes sense. Oh, and everything is already up.

A major difference though is the animated weapons. I was dumbfounded at all the satellite weapons. Apparently they're pretty damn weak and drop the pop item for the Animated Weapons (which no longer warp out, but you have a time limit of 15 minutes to fight them.) Unfortunately, we didn't last long enough to see what happens at that time.

Super weak. Super shocking!

Horrible idea. I had already had my daily dose of face stabbing from Simurgh after all.

So remember kids, it's all fun and games till someone gets hurt.

Then it's hilarious.