Monday, May 16, 2011

VNMs are stupid.

So yesterday we were planning to do a bunch of Lusca, but after two of them, VNMs decided to be a bitch and refused to upgrade to tier2. Oh wait, when are they not? I don't know, I rather enjoy seeing the VNMs jump through walls and climb up mountains in seconds while I take 10 minutes to walk around, by which time they'll have jumped back over.

However, here is Lusca.

Should I absorb melee or magic?! IDK MYBFFJILL?

I freaking hate this mob. It's stupid easy to kill but it randomly uses two different TP moves to switch from absorbing melee or magic. And usually it'll stay stuck on melee absorb when I'm the main source of magic damage and of course BLM/BRD for triggers. Annoying piece of...

Loving the drops they added to his loot pool though. And in general.

Oh hey, look at those drops, I think I can deal with the annoyance. =D

Note to self: unload timestamp.

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