Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ah-ah-FUATH! Bless you!

It's been a while since I've been annoyed at a monster so badly. Ok, not really I'm annoyed very easily. I was just annoyed at Lusca last post....

DANCE, FUATH, DANCE! And more importantly, kill us all.

Ok, we never actually successfully killed her. She's a super accurate bitch with a high rate of ensilence. And to top it all off she likes casting lots of AoE spells and also the move shown above that resets hate... Overall she's not a fun mob without a WHM. A MNK countertanking would probably be best bet here... oh well, at least we tried.

Yeah... we never did actually win. If you couldn't guess.

And to wrap up, the stupidity of some chests in Abyssea

Really? That big box for a fucking spool of thread? Also obviously not from Fuath.

I always rage at these chests. Just like at no boots. T_T

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