Thursday, May 19, 2011

Portal 2 is amazing!

Hey, it's that time again for a break from FFXI! I'll try not to include any spoilers. My friend gifted me Portal 2 as a super early birthday gift and oh my god I'm so happy that they did.

This game is just purely awesome. Though I did find Wheatley a bit annoying.

You'd never guess why.

But hey, there's still plenty of GLaDOS and she's still the wonderful bitch we all know and love! I love her snarky remarks too. Many of which are spoilers which I don't want to post though.

Well you DID kill her after all. I feel guilty.

Love some of the new elements they added to the game. Mainly the mirror cubes and repulsion gel. Bouncing on that shit is so much fun that I forgot to take screenshots.

GLaDOS being more mean. I'm in love.

Co-op mode is insane amounts of fun. I haven't finished the first play through, but I can totally see the replay potential if only to see how many ways you can kill your friends in each chamber. The gestures you get as you proceed through the chambers are hilarious, even more so if you do them in front of security cameras!

"If you're going to hit each other, at least aim for the head." Ok!

Overall, this game is just plain awesome and if you don't have it yet you should. And you should because it's awesome. The only downside is, just like the first, it's kind of short which makes it pretty pricey for the content, especially if you don't have any friends to play with. Loser.

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