Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ochain is broken. Also lolsynergy.

I had been working on an Aegis (and Excalibur) before the level cap increases were announced along with Empyrean weapons but halted further progress to see how they panned out. Even though I'm still in the process of making an Almace (only 23 more Sobek skins to 85) I want a damn Ochain.

Stupid galkas having all the fun.

That Bukhi fight is pretty impressive I have to say though. PLD has been kinda useless, to put in nicely, in Abyssea but this video shows there's still hope yet. That hope just requires OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAND times more effort than any other job. (Seriously though, Ochain looks awful to get to 90.)

Switching gears to synergy... so far I haven't heard of anyone getting even halfway decent augments on their abjuration gear. Though being a synergizer myself, I augmented a friend's Dalmatica. Ended up with a perfect elemental alignment and "Smooth Synergizing!" (HQ basically?) and here's the result:

I don't even know how to feel about this.

So far the augmenting seems like a huge hype about nothing, but who knows, maybe there's some good augments, just need to spend hundreds of tatters and fewell and you'll get 2 more MAB! =D

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