Monday, May 9, 2011

The Version Update is here!

Well, considering I've begun this blog while waiting on Final Fantasy XI's version update, I'll chat a bit about this! However there's so much being updated and so little time. Ok ok, there's a lot of time since the update time will probably be extended something awful, I'm just terribly lazy.

All the information for the version update can be found here on the official FFXI forums.

I have some very mixed feelings about this update as far as the big updates though. I'm very much looking forward to Voidwatch; it looks like it's going to be challenging and downright awesome. Sure the monsters look like they're just re-skinned, but at least one monster looks new and cool:

Though if I were him, I'd die laughing at the gear those people are wearing. Or just slice them off, depends on the mood.

And of course I'm looking forward to many of the minor updates like being able to store Kindred Crests (and use them to access new battlefields of course) and even the silly little update to the new character display name fonts. The updated delivery system is sweet too. Brb sending my level 20 mule a Dalmy and Adaberk as well as items for Empyrean Weapons.

While nothing infuriates me about the update, I'm somewhat on the fence as far as the force pop of old HNMs are concerned. KS99 > NQ > HQ seems a bit silly to me considering the KS 99 versions are harder than the HQ though that isn't saying too much considering at 90 all of them are relatively easy if you play it smart. In the end I'm just sad I guess to see these NM turn to force pop... damn nostalgia, at least there's still King Arthro, Roc, and Simurgh, right?

Also on the fence about Dynamis. It seems really cool and really lame at the same time. I'm really liking reduced wait and no reservations. One of the reasons I hated dynamis so much in the past was assholes jacking your zone right before you enter, but I digress. But at the same point, mobs are going to be claimed just like mobs in regular dungeon and field zones. But hey

While other things leave me confused... like Synergy. Basically you'll need to get two abjurations to create an augmented piece of Hecatomb, Adaman, etc gear. (One to make the actual piece of armor, and then another to make tatters out of.) If you don't like the augment, will you need to keep getting more and more or will you get the tatters back? That seems a bit excessive even for SE. I guess we'll see.

Bit long for a first post but it's a long update! I could go on and on about this, but other work needs to be done. And by work I mean nap, manga, anime, or maybe even just staring at my wall.

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  1. Maybe I'll finally decide to install FFXI on my laptop.