Friday, May 13, 2011

Nyan nyanyanyanyan nyan nyan nyanyanyanyan nyan nyanyan nyan nyan

I guess I'm going to start saving my posts in word due to paranoia that they'll get deleted in maintenance roll back again. Speaking of which, I thought FFXI maintenance was bad with their time and extensions, sheesh.

And here I am trying to remake the same post because I have nothing better to do. (Ok, I do sort of, just too lazy)

So I totally did not spend a large portion of my day two days ago playing this:

Just because he's a pop tart space cat, doesn't make him different then us. EW VEGGIES! YAY SWEETS!

This has probably been out for a few days, which is like a century on the internet but I just found it the other day and it's awesome. It's so simple but so cute. Use the up and down arrows to collect the yummy sweets and stars while avoiding gross veggies. There should totally be 9 lives though, it's a cat after all, though I guess he might lose those due to being half, OK maybe more than half, pop tart.

Now if you're someone who frequents (read: is constantly) on the internet such as I, you're probably familiar with the wonder that inspired this game: Nyan-cat. And if you haven't, well you're missing out, so here:

Thank god there's a 3 hour version. I love the part where it goes "Nyan".

I also had a picture to close off but I can't be arsed to find it again. However, it is an awesome picture but putting it directly under Nyan cat would just make it look terrible, so being lazy is a good thing here, right?

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