Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Puppy Power

Played with some things in Abyssea today, in particular an ugly lizard and an overgrown puppy. Both of which got punched in the face. Fistule also got punched in the.... slime or.... something.

After this we did not nearly wipe horribly. Not at all. Note to self: terror is awful

Casting elemental magic at 36% isn't broken at all. Not that I'm complaining..

Ok, the puppy got punched in face AND the taint too.

Also in this screenshot above, there's the new light intensity report when you get when resting...while it's nice to finally see solid numbers to how much better the lights from NMs are, I can't wait to figure out what the numbers actually mean. I've heard the "cap" is 245, but I got a report of 248 before. Would be amusing if the number never actually hit a cap. Imagine what it'd say after those 6 hour EXP parties...

Forget /BRD for yellow triggers, hell yeah ballad!

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