Thursday, May 26, 2011

Portal 2: Come back and just hop on down there.

So I was browsing on Youtube like I typically do looking for interesting videos and stuff I missed in video games. Well I found out I missed out on at least one entertaining dialogue at the very beginning of Chapter 9. (The part where he kills you.)
Also, sorry for all the Portal 2 stuff, it's just vastly more interesting than FFXI at the moment!

Page break for spoilers~

For those of us who didn't listen to Wheatley and didn't come back to the death trap pit after the easy escape, here's a video of it with subtitles. I always like subtitles because I'm pretty much half deaf.

So you've got your parents, escape elevator, hunky guys and a pony farm among other things down at the bottom. You know what would have made me jump down?

And if the pony farm was the entire My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cast...I'M COMING FOR YOU PINKIE *Ahem*

But you also get an achievement for jumping down apparently. So that would make me jump down. CURSE YOU ACHIEVEMENTS.

So what would convince YOU to jump down that pit?


  1. Great game, still haven't finished, and it's so full of surprises... lived up to the hype.