Saturday, May 14, 2011

Oh yeah, let me check out that chest!

Yesterday SE posted some Details on Next Week's Version Update and I have to say it seems pretty awesome. Click on that link to see the whole list!

Event Related:
  • Something about Voidwatch. Is anyone even doing these? I know I haven't.
  • Oh man, now when you enter the Chocobo Circuit from Port Jeuno... you'll be able to move to the OTHER AREAS OF JEUNO. Holy shit. Now I don't have to give that mithra a flower. Maybe I'm missing something but I don't see the point of this. They are moving the synergy furnaces there, might be related, but still don't understand it.

Battle Related:
This section is just full of awesome in my opinion.
  • The game will remember the last atmas you used. Hurray less time going through 8 pages of atmas to get two at the end! I would have much preferred different sets, but hey we can't always get what we want and this is still amazing if you're frequently on the same job.
  • They're adding more ??? for most of the higher tier force pop notorious monsters (NM) in Abyssea. Not having to fight to pop your one Carabosse for an hour is nice. Wonder if it's going to be three in the same area or spread out a bit. There would be so much lag if they were all together and three things were being fought at once.
  • Also they're adding key items from the time pop NMs in Misareaux, Vunkerl, and Attohwa to gold chests. I think this is totally awesome. I'd rather push my luck and do some amber light farming then try and claim against 20 other people. (Sadly, on some days this is only slightly exaggerated.)

Now if only they'd do something about VNMs....even just two tier 3 spawns once would be awesome :(

And completely unrelated but there is a significant lack of photos/videos. So here's an adorably awesome Russian Kitten.


I want one, but one that doesn't wanna smoke. :(

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